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How to use aesthetic numbing gel?
How To Use Tattoo Numbing Gel

Unlike many other tattoo numbing products on the market today, the numbing gel does not need to be applied prior to your session. This makes it a faster and more convenient option for anyone who doesn't have enough time, or just doesn't feel like applying a numbing product to their skin and then waiting up to an hour for it to take effect. Sk!nnumb anesthetic gel is not applied until the skin is damaged.

Registration procedure

It couldn't be faster or easier to apply this numbing gel. Once the skin is damaged, simply apply a few drops of the product to the area. The active ingredients go to work immediately and you quickly notice that your skin is becoming desensitized. After a few minutes you will be ready to continue your procedure completely pain free.

Could it be necessary to reapply numbing gel during my procedure?

The desensitizing effect of the anesthetic gel  is long lasting. However, if you start to experience unwanted discomfort during your procedure, you can reapply the product if necessary so that you can have a less stressful and painful experience. Since this product is super quick and easy to apply, you won't waste precious time waiting for it to take effect.

How long do I have to wait for this product to be activated?

The great thing about Gel is that you only have to wait about 2-3 minutes for the product to activate. This makes it an ideal solution if you need quick pain relief midway through the procedure.

Can I apply this product before going to my appointment?

This product is not designed for use prior to your procedure. If you're looking for a numbing cream to apply before your session, use the numbing cream. This powerful and highly effective product should be applied to the skin approximately 1 hour before your procedure to ensure maximum effect.

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