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TKTX Gel 40% - 30ML

Item number: TK220013
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    Brand: TKTX 
    Item: TKTX Gel 40% 
    Weight: 30g
    Period of validity: 2 jaar 
    Ingrediënts: Lidocaïne, Tetracaïne, Epinefrine 

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TKTX Blue 40% Anesthetic Gel is a secondary anesthetic containing a high percentage of Lidocaine and Tetracaine mixed with Epinephrine for a long-lasting analgesic effect and vasoconstriction. it has many advantages over other anesthetics. The anesthetic has a pronounced anti-edema effect due to the Epinephrine in its composition, which reduces bleeding and increases the rate of subsequent healing of damaged skin. The anesthetic has a long-lasting analgesic effect for up to 4 hours. If you are looking for an anesthetic product to use during tattoos or other dermal procedures, once the skin has broken down, this TKTX Anesthetic Gel is a perfect fit. Highly effective and proven safe, this product contains ingredients known for their effectiveness as local anesthetics. Whether used during microblading, tattooing, waxing or electrolysis, this numbing cream reduces pain and discomfort to make the procedure comfortable and easy and, thanks to its clear gel formulation, leaves no smudging or a sticky, slippery mess. Apply evenly directly to the skin, which is safe, hygienic and convenient. This soothing tattoo gel helps speed recovery and keep tattooed skin healthy while moisturizing.


Usage range: 

lip fillers
Body waxing & bikini waxing
Laser hair removal
cosmetic tattoo
Permanent makeup, such as microblading and shading eyebrows
Micro needle pain, piercing, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, waxing, permanent cosmetics, IPL treatment, electrocautery etc.


Safe ingredients
Fast result
Pain relief
Light and fine texture

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