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SK!NNUMB SPRAY 10% - 30ml

Item number: SK220002
€24.95 €19.99
SK!NNUMB SPRAY 10% - 30ml
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Brand: Sk!nNumb
Item: Sk!nnumb Spray
Weight: 30ml
Period of validity: 2 years
Ingredients: Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Epinephrine

Betaal veilig met

Rating: 5 stars
2 votes


Sk!nNumb Spray, local anesthetic when the pain occurs during tattoo sessions.

With Sk!nNumb Spray you now have the option to relieve pain on the skin during the treatment itself. The development of Sk!nNumb Spray stems from the growing demand from our customers for local anesthetic products that can be used during treatment. There are some customers who experience pain when undergoing a treatment and with Sk!nNumb Spray we can now solve this, as Sk!nNumb Spray is specially made for local anesthetic of open skin.


Name: Sk!nNumb Numb Spray
Lidocaine: 10%
Content: 30 ml

Usage range: 

  • tattoo
  • lips
  • areola
  • Microneedle
  • permanent makeup

How to use aesthetic numbing spray?

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8 months ago

The best topical spray

Works great. Very effective

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